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PC Support - Training

Computer Advice and Guidance

  • Advice on the supply of new PCs or computer equipment
  • Purchase, delivery and installation of PCs and all computer equipment
  • Advice on virus protection/removal and Internet Service Providers

PC problem diagnosis/resolution

  • General Housekeeping routines to keep your PC working well.
  • Recommendations for PC backup/recovery
  • Advice on computer upgrades/hardware

PC/Computer Support

  • Software installation and audit
  • Transfer of data from one PC to another


  • My tuition is not a standard course! Each piece is tailored to your specific requirements and is accompanied with notes to assist you in the future
  • This tuition is delivered at a time, place and speed to suit you - on your PC! See below for some examples of tuition that I have provided


  • I want to print labels on my PC from a selection of the contacts in my address book


  • I want to keep a record of my business expenses and earnings


  • I want to produce posters for my sports club

Computer Tuition Designed for you to use on your PC!